3 Simple Steps To Organize Your Critical Online Home Based Business Directory

If You are running an Online Work at home Business it is very critical that you create a well organized directory structure. The Obvious advantage of an organized Directory structure is it makes it easy to find what you need. A Less Obvious but More Important Reason is it makes it easy to back up your Online Business Files if they are all in the Same Place.

A very Simple Directory Structure for an Online Business Mimics a File Cabinet. You would have 3 Level of Directories. Your Top level would be the File Cabinet, Your 2nd Level would be the File Drawers and your 3rd Level would be your File Folders.

Step 1 (File Cabinet)

Decide where to place your Top Level Online Business Directory. I suggest creating a Directory Directly under My Documents called My Online Business. You may want to think of this Top Level Directory as a File Cabinet with many Drawers

Step 2 (File Drawers)

Decide what are your 2nd Level Directories (The Drawers of your File Cabinet). Here are some of my 2nd Level Directories or Drawers

  • My Programs

  • My Downloads

  • My Income and Expenses

  • My Text Ads

  • My HTML Ads

Step 3 (File Folders)

Decide what are the 3rd Level Directories or file Folders Here is what a Finished Directory Structure Might Look Like

  • My Documents
    • My Online Business
      • My Programs
        • My Ad Trackers
        • My Domains
        • My E-mail Accounts
        • My Free Programs
        • My ISP Accounts
        • My Moneymakers
      • My Downloads
        • My Ebooks
        • My Programs/EXEs
        • My Zips

      • My Income and Expenses
        • My Income
        • My expenses

      • My Text Ads
      • My HTML Ads

Now when you want to backup your Business Files all you need to do is copy your Online Business Directory to tape, CD, DVD or some other back-up Device.

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