Are The Words Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning Rolling Off Your Lips?

It might be more fun to talk about those free online business cards that are saving the company money, or those nifty designer business checks that are helping to solidif your branding efforts at the next staff meeting, but what really should be rolling off your lips are the words business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Nothing is more important to a company than having a comprehensive recoveery plan in place prior to when disaster strikes. The framework for disaster recovery and business continuity planning will be different for every company. But every company needs to have a plan.

If you are unsure of your company's plan, or if you think there might not even be one, it's certainly time to ask. If a comprehensive plan is not available, it's time everyone rolls up their sleeves and creates one. For the businesses continuity planning to be effective everyone in every department should become part of the process. The left hand should know what the right hand is doing. A disaster recovery planner can be very helpful in these meetings. If one is not available, disaster recovery software can be readily found on the internet to guide you through the process.

Once plans for business continuity and disaster recovery have been made, the entire company needs to be educated as to what to do in the event of a disaster. Knowing what to do in the midst of the disaster as well as the days following the disaster can be invaluable. Ask any company that has experienced a disaster, and they will all tell you that disaster recovery planning is vital to maintaining business continuity when the unexpected happens. It could be a tornado, or a virus attacking your database. Whatever the disaster, having a plan prevents chaos. It is worth the time and effort it takes to implement. The consequences are clear... Fail to plan and your plan to fail!